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My Independence Report

My Independence Report

I'm declaring our independence from negative thoughts and emotions, chief among these are HATE, DIVISION and FEAR. Please join us as we interview positive people that have a great message and are working to make a positive difference, because together we can change the world.

Recent Episodes

Rachel Sheila Kan- Founder of The Ecosystem Incubator

Dec. 1, 2021

Rachel Sheila Kan, Is the founder of The Ecosystem Incubator a brand new way for business to collaborate and make systems work for everyone! A great Idea for the sustainability for the future!

Jeff Rasley- Author ” America‘s Existential Crisis”

Dec. 1, 2021

Jeff Rasley lives on the White River in Indianapolis with Alicia and Bandit. His first published writing was melancholic-adolescent poetry in the Hanover College Fine Arts Journal. Over 80 feature articles on law, travel, sp…

Dr James Granger-Acupuncture and Natural Pain Medication

Nov. 23, 2021

Acupuncture and Injury has more than 15 years of experience in providing pain-free without pills TM treatment to patients in Marietta, GA and the Greater Atlanta Area, including a variety of other injury care services. Wheth…

Jessica Pin- Advocate for Clitoral Health

Nov. 21, 2021

Jessica Pin renowned advocate for Clitoral health and is working to change medical journals and Doctors attitude towards this very important organ. A must listen

Zahra Karsan-Author , speaker, Coach -Six weeks to happy

Nov. 19, 2021

Zahra’s mission is to make her stress-free approach to success coaching accessible across multiple platforms including a mobile app, books, online video training and live workshops. Zahra’s flagship product, the GetZENd app,…

Greta McClain- Silent No More

Nov. 18, 2021

Executive Director. Silent No Longer Tennessee Contact. Greta. Country or state . United States (Tennessee) Available to . North America. Fee . Languages . English. Volunteer: Yes. Personal Details. Bio. I am a former police…

Recent Blog Posts

Because We Sing, Dance, Make Art, Build, Write Eric Hall

Because we Sing, Dance, Make Art, Build, Write   It is the way of creatures to be busy doing what creatures do. Single Cell creatures mod…

Molten Then Rock

It is a Rock that feels warmth, then cold, then warmth. This for the Rock is how it began. First in fire, then cooled. Pressure formed its shape. …

About the Hosts

Eric Hall

Host and Master Blogger

Born and raised in Seattle Washington
Eric has traveled the US,
Was an Interior Designer, Musician, Dancer and Artist throughout his working life.
He now makes a Living driving a Metro Bus through the streets of Seattle
as he is “slowing life down some”
Eric enjoys
writing, and co-hosting with Kevin McDonald; host of the Positive Talk Podcast,
Where the focus is Freedom from Hate, Division and Fear.
“Seattle and the Northwest has so many great stories, conversations, things to see and experience
In my mind its one of the most beautiful places in the world.

kevin mcdonald

Creator and Host

Born and raised in Seattle Wa. This jovial fun loving man experienced life in a big way from star athlete, to actor, Voice Actor, Restaurateur, Sales and Sales Management, Transit Operator, Audio Producer, Talk Show Host, Creative Consultant, Motivational Leader and current podcast creator. (My Independence Report) Who’s mission is to Declare Our Freedom From Hate, Division and Fear, featuring positive motivational guest, music interviews and fun episodes.

Holly Berry

Executive Producer

Holly is an extraordinary leader, with a degree in business management, she has the ability to create a solid program that is kmmedia.pro!