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Intriguing Podcast

Kevin is a fabulous host and the interviews are so organic. All the guests and topics are so intriguing and enlightening.

Positive Listen

I really like the positive focus and message. The guests are interesting and inspiring! Thank you for content that is uplifting.

I love our interviews!

Tommi Tikka 12:55 PM 9/25/2021 Hi Kevin, What a great time I had with you once again. Thanks for having me on. And I’d love to do a Monday show with you and also to come discuss that dream with my dad in it. Let me know if and when you have a slot for me. On a different note, I truly enjoy talking to you. It’s amazing how well we get along. If I lived a few miles closer, we’d go for a beer.😄👍 Until next time. All the very best. Tom

Uplifting and neat topics!

Great personalities to listen to.

Great Listen

Kevin is an amazing broadcaster. He is very professional, real, and very funny. I love listening to his shows. His guests are phenomenal.

Great podcast

I love listening in on this podcast as I drive on my commute. Great content and I always feel so uplifted.