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Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh-Author

Please share anything that will help prepare for our meeting.:
BEGUILED - Eden To Armageddon Volumes 1, 2 and 3- all Updated 2017 editions
ANTICHRIST - The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ - Updated 2017 edition
PARABLES OF JOYE - On a Georgia Farm (2018 edition)
EDEN - THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL 666 Volume 1 and 2 - (2018 updated editions)
“SPECIAL” Parables of Joye – Triumphs of the Disabled – (Released - August 2020)
Colours of Joye II - Poetry, Prose and Spiritual Awakening - (Latest release - October 2020)
(These 9 new and updated books are what we would be discussing) see www.sacredwordpublishing.com
Direct Link to books: https://sacredwordpublishing.com/collections/books/dr-joye
"Dr. Joye" also has an album of 12 original songs - "Before Time Stops" - 2010 (see www.drjoye.com)
''Dr. Joye" had a supernatural dream at age 6 about the End of Time and her 45 years of research into that dream has allowed her to tell the world what is about to happen in our generation. She and her books, filled with an enormous amount of research, have been featured on the HISTORY Channel; as well as, radio and TV shows world-wide. Dr. Joye’s biographical achievements are included in Who’s Who in The World.
Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh’s latest book series is a trilogy entitled BEGUILDED Eden to Armageddon Volumes 1, 2 and 3. (2017 updated editions) This fascinating trilogy of in-depth research reveals evil's origins, its struggle through the ages against good, and its well planned agenda with intent on destroying the Creator's connection to creation through beguilement. These books unlock the secret of an important prophetic parable that has eluded scholars for decades, by revealing for the first time the true lineages of the Wheat and Tares.
Dr. Pugh's book, ANTICHRIST - THE CLONED IMAGE OF JESUS CHRIST (updated 2017 edition) explains her ground breaking work concerning the cloning of the Holy Shroud.
Dr. Joye's book, PARABLES OF JOYE - On a Georgia Farm (2018) contains true motivational and inspirational stories of Dr. Pugh's life while growing up in the deep south. You can literally take a step back in time through these thought provoking real life events that will inspire you and change your life.
Dr. Pugh has just released her new updated 2018 editions of EDEN - The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666 in expanded editions of volume 1 and volume 2.
Dr. Pugh's first edition books, Eden The Knowledge of Good and Evil 666 and Antichrist The Cloned Image of Jesus Christ, have, both, been Eschatology, Prophecy and Theology Best Sellers. She and her research have been featured on The History Channel and many National and International Radio Shows. “Dr. Joye” is a recording artist; writing and composing her own songs with an album entitled “Before Time Stops.” She is featured in Who’s Who in the World and a member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. She is also a MUFON consultant.
Dr. Pugh released in August 2020, “Special Parables” of Joye – Triumphs of the Disabled which includes her groundbreaking work of over 13 years with the handicapped (both, physical and mental) and her struggle to get them off the “sidelines of life”. This book includes data from her doctoral dissertation and major applied research project concerning reducing obesity in the mentally handicapped through sports, recreation and behavior modification; as well as, her coaching and training of athletes for competitions at the highest level of International Special Olympics. The book includes miraculous achievements of real people and is a book of great inspiration.