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David Richards- Author "Love Letters to the Virgin Mary"

"Beauty and the Beast meets Dante’s Inferno. a love story across time," which is how internationally bestselling author David Richards describes his latest novel, Love Letters To The Virgin Mary. Once successful, his hero David has lost everything in his life. Until one day, watching Thor Ragnorak on TV with friends, he is mysteriously thrown out of his chair. When he recovers, David realizes he’s become one with Thor. The novel asks the question: What happens when you discover you’re a god? And how do you release the god inside you?

David Richards believes that we all have a god inside us. A provocative coach as well as an author, he challenges readers in interviews by asking – does that question terrify or excite you? Your answer is the beginning of your own hero’s journey. Love Letters tantalizes, challenges, and enchants the reader with an epic love story and one man’s travel through time to find the answers he needs.

David Richards is a business professional, life coach, yoga instructor, and self-development speaker. His early childhood was spent in various parts of the United States, as well as three years in Okinawa, Japan. He joined the Marines after graduating from university with a degree in English. Following in the footsteps of his father and brother, he served fifteen years on active duty before deciding to leave the military to pursue his own passions.