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David Newkirk-Spiritual Entrepreneur

My Philosophy
I decided to leave the corporate world based upon reconciling my spiritual beliefs around empathy, being in service to others and a focus on humanity which was often in conflict professionally and personally. Finding success as a two-time entrepreneur while living openly with spirituality unlocked my passion for helping entrepreneurs who are facing these challenges for themselves.

I understand the emotions you may be going through when you are figuring out how to move forward in life. Unresolved questions, stressors, self-doubt and complexity may make it hard to feel you are on a path taking you towards the things that bring you the greatest level of happiness and contentment.

I help you understand yourself in a way that feels natural, aligns to who you are and brings a resolution to the emotional, physical and/or spiritual challenges in your life. You become empowered to move forward with a perspective and knowledge that gives you clarity, confidence and a resolute mindset.