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Coryelle Kramer Passion Cultivator, The start of a series of episodes about her work and Sex


My Passion Is…
to help you gain a deeper understanding of who you are as a sexual being and what feeds your soul and those of your partner(s).
to show you how to hone your natural gifts of intuition and inner knowing, and then show you how to use them as a powerful passion compass.
to show you how to create more passion in your life, how to nourish and awaken your sexuality in ways you never have before.
to enrich your pleasure which brings about more vitality, health and aliveness into your life.
to heal sexual shame, limited self beliefs and to expand your sex life to an orgasmic level.
to guide you how to embrace your pleasure, how to ask for what you want, to gain all that you desire and how to embrace everything that you are.
to inspire you and those who you share your passion with, to deepen your sexual relationships so that you can have passionate, HOT sex for the rest of your lives, because you deserve nothing less than that.
My story…

I used to be in a deep pit of self isolation & sexual shame.
I was filled with embarrassment over what I craved and desired both sexually & emotionally. I felt like I’d never be able to share this side of myself with anyone.
my secret felt too big…I felt too BIG, too MUCH.
As my pit became smaller and smaller and deeper and deeper, I felt like I was drowning in shame and starving the very essences of who I was.
(My full story can be read in my writings “It Started With a Secret”and “It Ended With a Truth”.
Then the Erotic Blueprints™ came into my life and I found out who I was and WHY I was wanting what I was wanting. It wasn’t just “because” or that I was “dirty” or “bad” for what I wanted; the quiz and then later a incredible event I took part in in Denver CO showed me who I was at my very CORE.
That knowledge gifted me with clarity, understanding, passion and a love and acceptance of myself that I have never had before.
I want to bring this wisdom of sexuality to YOU.
The Blueprints are more than sex, they’re about embracing YOU and in turn you learn how to do that for others.
They’re about how to feed your soul and that of any partner(s) in your life so that THEY in turn can feel fulfilled and then THEY can then give that passion back to YOU.
Like an oasis, the Erotic Blueprints can be your Sensual place of serenity, your point of Energetic exchange, the container where the Kinky Taboo is heard, embraced and nourished, where your hot and naughty Sexual needs are met and acknowledged and where you can be as BIG as you like and Shapeshift into whomever your soul is being called to be.
The Way I Work
The way I work is over an extended amount of time and in sessions packages. This includes ALL my work with both people and pets. I find that’s the only way you’re going to find the results you want and the results I want for you.
Here is where I can best serve you
Intuitive awareness, relationships & sexuality

Communicating with your pets if you have questions you’d like answers to. Also aiding them if there are health issues or relieving unwanted behaviors that they are exhibiting.

So if this sounds great to you then let’s get on a call and let’s talk!Contact Me
I look forward to the transformations we can create together.