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Corey Hicks- Coach, Author and Motivational Speaker


Corey Hicks is a two-time NCAA All-American Athlete, Author, Coach, Wellness Expert & Motivational Speaker who has presented for several National & International Organisations including the Caribbean Sports Ministry, as well as other major corporations within the United States. He currently serves as a Successful Corporate Marketing Executive within the Biotech Industry, and as Founder & CEO of the Three V’s Foundation. - a truly inspirational humanitarian, brought up from humble beginnings and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee. While growing in the inner city - he encountered several obstacles and temptations that served as life lessons and inspiration to help him persevere. Excelling in the Decathlon and training with some of the greatest athletes, including Former Sprinter, Brooks Johnson and one of America's Greatest Track & Field Coaches - as part of the 1996 Olympic Hopeful Team, his future was so bright— that even an untimely injury right before the Olympics, could not completely stop his dream & desire for excellence.Instead of crumbling under life’s challenges, Corey transformed his circumstances into an opportunity for growth and has used adversity as an invitation to motivate, encourage, and inspire others.The secret in his book "Values, Vision, and Versatility" has played a significant role in the guidance and transformation of who he is today. With a BA in Early Childhood Education, a Masters Degree in Health Science and a Ph.D. in Health and Human Performance, Coach Corey’s life is based on the concept that "All things are possible".