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Carla D. Bass, Colonel, USAF (Ret)Author, award-winning book, "Write to Influence!"

My battle cries -- "Powerful writing is the lifeblood of successful organizations!" You might have THE best product or service, but if you can’t communicate that with panache, game over! "Powerful writing changes lives!" by opening doors to opportunity that might otherwise remain closed.

Testimonial: “In a 2-hour workshop, Carla added thousands of dollars to the bottom lines of businesses in our county. Using her techniques, leaders in the private and government sector can now write to win!” Leadership Loudoun County

Through my book, virtual presentations, and coaching, people learn to:
Increase sales ... by writing incisive marketing products tailored to customers’ needs
Win a grant or contract bid … by strategizing and composing a compelling proposal
Attract talented employees ... by clearly conveying the business’ mission and advantages of working there
Nail that dream job … by composing a standout resume
Get promoted (or promote the best people) … by crafting powerful input to performance reviews
Leverage every second of the reader's time to the company’s advantage … by banishing bureaucratic blather
Whom do I help? Privately owned businesses, corporations, government agencies, NGOs, academia (high school thru grad school), and local communities via public libraries.