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Timothy Allen Coons- Actor, Director and Film Maker

Indie Filmmaker Making Impact : The Powerful Films of Timothy Allen Coons

Industry watchers and film fans in the know say that young New York based Film Director and Actor, Timothy Allen Coons has a unique vision. At only 30 years old, he has already seen his work lauded and applauded across the continent from Los Angeles to Toronto, garnering an impressive number of prestigious awards.

Timothy was just five years old when he fell in love with film. He was raised by his mother, Andrea Snyder, in a small town named Shortsville, NY, where “trips to rent movies on the weekends was the norm,” he says, “and dissecting films and watching all of the behind the scenes!” By the time he was 8 years old, intrigue had turned into fascination. Though he was born colorblind and with a visual impairment that hindered his ability to drive, he was determined to make films that might impact others in in the way the films that he had loved impacted him.

When Timothy turned 23, while working full time and attending Finger Lakes Community College, obtaining his Associate’s degree in Communications, he finally decided to make his first short film. While working, and studying,Timothy embarked on a serious film career, independently producing, writing, directing and acting in his films.

The incredible list of awards he has already received give some indication of the excitement with which his films are received by industry pros - and fans - that view them.