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The Lunch Club-Seattle Cascades

Seattle Cascades

Drum and Bugle Corps is a youth activity that has roots in the Fife and Drum Corps of the Civil War era.
Through the years following bugles were added to these groups and after WW2, Drum Corps were present and sponsored by VFW organizations in just about every major city and neighborhoods throughout the United States.
They were a patriotic expression present in Parades, community celebrations and soon had their own competitions and standards.
Through the years this became an art form of its own,
The Music became more complex, wider accepted instrumentation. The competitions were held across the United States as corps from every corner of the country competed.
Through the 70s to today, drum corp has evolved adding dance and theater to become a unique form of artistry that can rival a Broadway show.
Drum Corp develops a unique brand of performers who have learned a strong work ethic, teamwork, and a willingness to develop community.
With the economics involved, there is only a fraction of drum corps competing on a national level today.
The Seattle Cascades is one of the oldest drum corps in existence,
Tune in, enjoy this window into this unique and amazing kids activity as we discuss what it is like to grow up in drum corp and reap the rewards as an adult