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PARASTU AHANG MEHDAWI0- Author "A Quest For Identity"

Born in Kabul, Afghanistan, Parastu Ahang Mehdawi has been a prose poetry writer since a very young age. Her unique, descriptive style and colourful imagery, along with her hunger for first-person narratives, earned her the title of author.

A Quest for Identity is her voice that offers a ladder to the world of literature. She defines herself as a citizen of the world. She is a disciple of human rights. Her message is clear: Stop separating humanity by colour, gender, religion, country, or nationality, and tolerate no war. Parastu’s pen dances on the paper when she gets inspired by nature’s beauty or is moved to scream by the injustices of the world. Her series of memoirs continues; in the second volume, she narrates her life as a writer and the struggles she faced as the Covid-19 pandemic hit.

Parastu lives in Ontario, Canada, with her family.