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Natasha Venter Psychic Medium and intuitive


Hello and Welcome! I’m delighted for you to know who I am and how Life’s experiences aided in my spiritual growth.
The Universe has given me many spiritual gifts of psychic medium insight, then through life I have learned to listen deeper to the angels.
Looking back to when I was a child; I remember being born, having my guide Peter as a best friend, later to find out he was known as St. Peter.
Then in 1993, my beloved father passed away without physically seeing my first son who was born six weeks later. Three years later, in 1997, I received the gift of my second son.Devastatingly, three weeks after his birth, my loving mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness.
My parents’ passing, the passing of others close to me, all coinciding with additional major emotional experiences, threw me into days of deep ups and downs. Gratefully, the Universe stepped in. They helped me understand this was a time to release fears, emotions and negative events of Life.I wiggled forcefully through this process. What ultimately helped was I began participating in many classes with spiritual teachers. In these classes, life, my deep awakening and stepping into the next level I was receiving and learning spiritual gifts and insights. At this point I TRULY began to apply the integration of the lessons of the soul.
After several years of additional classes with spiritual teachers and Energy work such as Reiki, I truly began tuning into myself and the universe like never before. That’s when I heard the Angels, my guides, and the Universe clearer then before, ask me to step out and be a voice for them.Since then, I take life"s daily experiences/happenings and turn them into teaching moments. Also, with the channeling of Beings like Mother Earth, Archangel Azrael, and to me a new Archangel Medidone along with others.I have gained a deep knowing of trust.
I have so enjoyed sitting with many people individually or in group settings receiving and sharing messages. The Universe loves to bring assistance and opportunity for those seeking guidance when needed.
My intention is to bring the Knowing of The Universe to every connection I make.
Natasha Venter