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Natalie Ksbenjian A sexual intimacy coach, a fun interview!


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E-mail:  polewithsoul@gmail.com
IG (Primary platform fer now) @nataliekabenjian
Natalie Kabenjian
Natalie Kabenjian (She, They) Fierce Freak of Pleasure
Pole artist, teacher, and somatic healer who has helped womxn from all walks of life rise in love
with themselves and reclaim their power through feminine movement. Natalie is also a Pleasure
Embodiment + Sexual Intimacy Coach who is certified in the Erotic Blueprints™ the 5 erotic
languages. Deemed a conscious, compassionate rebel, Natalie helps people in partnerships
become more erotically empowered in their sexuality and live unabashedly in their own bad arse
brand of pleasure. She helps them to not only embody their desire
but to connect and integrate
that with their partners; activating each other to heal, grow, and discover new flavors that could
elevate their partnership to the epic climax it deserves and beyond.
Natalie’s ultimate mission is igniting and inspiring people to live their most radically turned on
lives possible; to rebel against their pain and forge their own pleasure revolutions; to awaken

their animal within and be their fierce, freak selves without limits.