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Nancy Nelson- Author- Alzheimer's patient and advocate

Nancy Nelson
Author, Advocate, Speaker
www.BlueRiverApple.com nancy@blueriverapple.com

Born and raised outside of Seattle WA
Graduate from University of Real-Life Experiences
Fifty-five years living in Las Vegas, Nevada
Raised two daughters, Michelle and Jennifer
Grandmother to four, Brayden, Delaney, Rachel Anne, & Jack
“Bonus” mom and grandma to more very special kiddos
Diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s (AD) 2013
Re-diagnosed with Mild Cognitive Impairment (MCI) 2017
Dementia translates as “deprived of mind.” A confirmation that Nancy Nelson was to
follow in her father’s footsteps jarred her in ways she never imagined. Nancy speaks, writes,
and advocates from an inside view of an outside reality. She talks of hope and how she’s found
joy and consolation in helping all who have any form of dementia. Also, she speaks with and
holds care partners in the highest regard “for without them, where would we all be?!” Her
belief is that communication is key and becoming a partner in one’s own health is paramount.
Authored and published three books in her Blue.River.Apple. series, referred to by some
as “reality” poetry, and by others, “prescription” poetry. Don’t let the word poetry sway your
interest for her poignant lines and short verses. They will surprise you. Nancy journals day-to-
day experiences from frustration to discovery, heightening her ability to make an Alzheimer’s
difference. Whether you’re listening to her words, or reading her informative stories, Nancy will
offer “Her Side,” possibly a new perspective that will help you.
The Alzheimer’s Association chose Nancy as one of twelve nationwide participants, all
diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in its varying stages and types. They participated in the 2015 Early
Stage Advisory Group tasked with answering questions and sharing their own experiences to
advance first-hand knowledge and solutions to living a positive and better life for longer while
working through Alzheimer’s adversities. Whether it was speaking in front of hundreds of
people, asking and answering questions on personal challenges, pharmaceuticals, speaking to
elected officials—it was in the interest of the greater Alzheimer’s awareness. Nancy volunteers
whenever asked at the Las Vegas Desert Southwest Chapter by facilitating caregiver and early
state support groups, and speaks about how Alzheimer’s and hope may be used in the same
Nancy volunteers for Alzheimer’s Nevada, an all-volunteer, non-profit that assists
Nevadan’s with education and support for “normal people with an abnormal condition.”
Nancy contributes to Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health by actively sitting
on its Voices for Patient Advocacy Council, participates in the COBRE five-year brain study,
advocates for their HealthyBrains.org initiative, and is pleased when she can say “yes” to
In 2018 Nancy was inducted into the Nevada Women’s Hall of Fame and also awarded
Nevada’s Senior Citizen of the Year.

Nancy Nelson
Author, Advocate, Speaker