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My Independence Report- Rosemary Trish Mupambwa- author

Rosemary Trish Mupambwa, a widow and a mother of three, an Author, Speaker,
was a Fashion Model, former College Lecturer for 13 years. She has a Degree in
Human Resources, a Diploma in College Education, from UK, a Diploma in
Social Work, a Diploma in Business Administration, a Degree in Sociology from
Athabasca University in Canada. Because of her love to heal people’s lives, she
also became an Inter. Certified Life Transformation and Relationship Coach as
well as a Retreat Leader.
She is a Domestic Violence Counselor; has extensive Mental Health working
experience. Her life experiences as a widow, an immigrant, a single mother, she
now works with people that have gone through major life transitions that has
caused them grief/pain/loss like widowhood, divorce, heartbreaks and runaway
partners to help them dismantle the chains of grief that kept them tethered to
their self limiting past.
Rosemary is the COURAGEOUS WOMAN who got tired of crying herself to sleep
due to the grief she had experienced. She soon realized that crying without taking
any action to change her situation was not going to put food on the table for her.
She regained her power to pull back, the dark veil of grief, regret, shame, anger,
frustrations, betrayal, and fear that had kept her stuck in a self-pity life. She a
survivor of unresolved and complicated after losing her husband, parents,
brothers years ago, she had to start from scratch, as a single parent of three
beautiful children that are now productive adults. She realized that the power to
change her life was within her. It was a long painful journey full of low self-
esteem, financial hardships, and frustrations.
She stepped into a foreign country and got separated from her children for 6
years, in order to create a new life for her children and herself.
Now she is on a mission to face the world and help other individuals to dismantle
the chains of grief/loss, insecurities, self-limiting beliefs, the poor me mind-set,
and self-doubt, to restart their lives to live a life of purpose and abundance.
She had no tools to help her heal her grief, but, soon realized that the power
within her which propelled her to write and publish her first
book, Exhume or Heal: A Widows Memoir, Getting
Her Groove Back