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My Independence Report- Dr. Ron Stotts Transformational Guide

Ron has spent the last fifty years exploring the deepest caves and soaring heights of our personal and spiritual journey. He is intimate with all aspects of the territory. As a guide, he has supported thousands of others on their journey as they've moved through their most difficult challenges and developed their greatest potential. He was trained by and worked with the best of the best, with early mentors like Joseph Campbell, Buckminster Fuller, and other leaders in the spiritual and personal growth fields. Rounding out his whole body, mind, and spirit, integrated approach, Ron has earned a Masters in English, a Ph.D. in Transformational Therapy, and a Doctor of Chiropractic degree. Yet Ron feels that his most important credentials have come from the challenges he has overcome on his own journey, and the incredible learning opportunities that life and working with others has offered him. His service has evolved into working with those committed to their path and the influential leaders who guide them. While there are many who can help you treat the symptoms arising from your challenges, Ron's unique work takes you into and through the deepest source. This empowering approach allows you to make lasting life improvements while transforming those challenges into the greatest opportunities of your life. If you are looking for the way home, Ron is the transformational guide who can show you the way. Ron lives in Santa Barbara, CA with his lovely wife, Carol. email: Ron@RonStotts.com