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Lifewise- Ezra - Director

At the beginning of the school year, teachers in primary schools across the UK faced the challenge of finding a solution that was educational, engaging, and cost effective. In one of the most difficult years on record, it was a considerable problem for many. With the latest Covid lockdowns, it became an almost crippling challenge for some.

Amongst the chaos and challenges, Lifewise Director Ezra and his incredible team stepped up with a solution. Chapman himself became a father last year, and with his young son just a few short years away from primary school himself, the new dad’s thoughts recently turned to the importance of learning.

“Nelson Mandela said that there is no greater weapon than education to change the world,” “In these challenging times we at Lifewise have made it our duty as a team to make it happen! The world is rapidly changing, education must evolve just as quickly with it to prepare our children for the different challenges and pressures of today and tomorrow's society.”

Just what did Lifewise do? Well, they worked relentlessly to transform their platform of over 10,000 learning assets into a remote ready and home learning solution and gifted more than 2000 primary schools across the UK with their incredible, game changing program - one that has kids laughing and learning, educators breathing a sigh of relief, and parents watching with satisfaction. And that’s not all - they’re offering this program - 160 lessons, to the PSHE curriculum, click and play end to end (so the teacher preparation time is optimised) at zero cost, to any primary school across the UK that asks for it through lockdown. Specifically for the age of covid stay at home orders, unlike others Lifewise invested in the technology, and have launched their remote delivery lessons for teachers.