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Laurie Levin-Author -Call Me A Woman: on our way to equality and peace

"As we transform our own wellbeing we transform the world. With physical and emotional well-being optimized and consciousness raised, everything is possible."

Laurie Levin is an author (Call Me A Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace), speaker, and Transformation Coach. She specializes in optimal nutrition, healthy weight loss, and the leading HeartMath® stress/anxiety reduction techniques that allow one’s heart intelligence to awaken them to their best self; performance, relationships, health, and communication.

Laurie has been a featured speaker on each of these topics. She has an MBA, is a Certified Coach, and HeartMath® Certified Coach, supporting clients globally to achieve their health and well-being goals. Her new book, Call Me A Woman: On Our Way to Equality and Peace, provides real-life experiences, global studies, insights, and the 7 Habits of Equality that will reshape the world into one where all children have equal opportunities, from the beginning to the end of their lives. #HealthyHappyEqual: It takes all three to thrive!