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Kyerra Johnson- Author "The Black Dialect"

Kyerra M. Johnson (Ke-Ke Johnson; born May 11, 1990) is an American Speaker, Philanthropist and Author who founded We Speak Foundation in 2011. She works avidly in communities of need to help implement volunteerism and help communities build resources. She is the Author of the Literary Book “The Black Dialect” that focuses on the deeper issues that contribute to the present attitude towards the ideals surrounding African American Communities.
Raised in the City of East Saint Louis, IL Kyerra would gain a story that would either make her or break her. Kyerra is the witness to the Homicide/Suicide of her Mother and Stepfather that transpired on December 21st 1998. Her Step-Father was a college professor of Philosophy and African American Studies and her Mother a studying medical student after recently receiving her bachelors in Chemistry and Biology. Both were academics who pledged to the Fraternity Phi Beta Sigma; Sorority, Alpha Kappa Alpha. Her mother shot 7 times and her father 4. All are memories that Kyerra has used in her career to help navigate to individuals to discuss issues of domestic violence and suicide.
This year will be Johnson’s 3rd Annual Suicide Prevention Tour for We Speak Foundation. Each year she visits different podcast and radio stations to help bring awareness to the many implementations of her community efforts. Kyerra is not only an amazing speaker, author and philanthropist but she is an artist. She enjoys writing books and plays. This year Kyerra will be releasing her very first “One Woman Show” and her newest book “The Journal of African American Thoughts”
Kyerra serves as a role model for the classic woman. She enjoys elegance and beauty but is no stranger to hard work, business ethics and can be seen in Magazines such as “HER Magazine” (of Central Missouri), “Inspire Christian Magazine” and the 2020 Juneteenth Cover of the Melanin Pride Magazine. Ms. Johnson is an advocate for change and the personification of hope in a time where ambition can be found at the heels of determination.