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Kelly's Green Lounge- Rev. Kelly Addison

Kelly Addison truly embodies what she does. Kelly is the founder of the much loved Kelly's Green Lounge, a cannabis education and entertainment lounge supported by the Mayor and city council in the tiny village of Orono, Ontario. Thanks to Kelly's incredible outreach work, the Mayor even showed up at the ribbon cutting and the local business association sent a welcome gift. Next year, she is determined to challenge the local farmers fair to recognize a new crop (a battle delayed by Covid.) Kelly's Lounge is warm, welcoming, supportive and deeply in love with cannabis - and that describes its owner too. No one has a nasty word to say about this lovely lady - she is kind to everyone. The lounge offers everything from well known comedians like Carla Collins and Timmy Boyle who have travelled all the way to tiny Orono to play her stage to regular education on all aspects of cannabis by an assortment of highly regarded educators in the space. As Kelly pointed out in a recent interview with an American publication, she has been able to pivot to continue to serve both the Orono community and the greater international cannabis community during the Covid19 lockdown, turning the Kelly's Green Lounge Facebook page into KGL, a virtual TV station with shows that cover the gamut of cannabis topics...and beyond. "Whatever the circumstances we will always be here for our community.' Kelly says. And she’s got a new title, too : Rev. Kelly.
“We’ve recently added something new - The Cannabis church of KGL- the spiritual division of our organization. We are also a division under the church of the metaphysical. I host sermons on Sundays and will be launching our cannabis weddings this fall. (It was supposed to be summer but... sadness.)”
Her influence has extended far beyond Orono too. She was recently included on an influential American list as one of the best international online 420 parties and recently wowed them in Australia on a TV show called Obsessed With (do you need three guesses to figure out what her obsession is?