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Kayla Mason- Radical Self-Acceptance Coach

I am a Human Design and Radical Self-Acceptance Coach: I use a system called Human Design, which is based on birthtime and comprises ancient systems like Astrology and the I-Ching, with modern science, including Quantum Physics and genetics, and creates a chart that maps the way your energy shows up in the world. This gives individuals the understanding of how they have been conditioned by others, how their energy affects other, and the unique purpose they have on this earth. I truly believe that we were all put here for a reason and that as we begin to live more aligned with our designs, one soul at a time, humanity will enter into a more heart-centered way of being. Based on my Design, it is my purpose to lead individual to their own soul nourishment, to hold myself and other accountable for our self care, filling our cups, so we may help others. I love my work - my favorite thing is seeing the epiphany hit! That grand AHA moment when the awareness of a conditioned behavior gives a person the chance to rewrite their own story! That’s absolutely magical. I love the positivity you let be the core of your show, and I’m excited to joy the crew!