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Judi Miller- Author "Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation

Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation
By Judi Miller
The Universe’s “Perfect” Orchestration of a Path to Generational and Individual Healing Amazon #1 Bestseller
Perfect: A Path to Love, Forgiveness and Transformation is a life-changing book that illustrates the awe-inspiring and miraculous way that the Universe orchestrates our lives toward a state of wholeness, completion and love—whether we are aware of it or not!
Who has not at some time experienced the feeling that an intelligence
greater than ourselves is guiding us forward to our destinies or fate? Or
the wonder of synchronicities that fall into place like the pieces of a
puzzle or a lock clicking into place?
All that and more is at work in Judi Miller’s beautiful, heart-felt and
astonishing book, Perfect.
Judi was a highly successful CPA and corporate finance executive, who
unknown to her co-workers, lived in terror of the night and the possibility
of sexual assault. Happily married with children, her fears made life a
modern-day nightmare, but worse—she had no idea why? There was
nothing in her own personal background that would warrant this near
constant state of fear.
And then on Good Friday, sitting in church, with her family, with the choir
singing—something astonishing happened. She transcended into a state
of total and unconditional love, something that went well beyond just her
emotions. She began to overflow with tears for the powerful, divine, joyful
experience of connection that transcended this world.
And thus began Judi’s journey, orchestrated by unseen hands, that
erased her fears, healed three generations of people and souls, guided
her to her purpose in life, opened her heart to love, and showed her that forgiveness is not necessary because we are all so deeply loved and never alone.
Perfection itself.
Perfect is a true recounting of the transformational journey that Judi Miller was guided to take that brought the exact right people together, in the exact right order, to right a wrong committed decades ago; before her birth and which left its shadow on her soul.
It is a story, augmented with reflections and practices, that shows us all how we can open our hearts to allow in the love that heals and directs us toward the light—and the path we are meant to take to awaken, prosper and serve.
Beautifully written and woven together with deep emotion and honesty—with a foreword from Marci Shimoff, author of the international bestseller Happy for No Reason—Perfect reads like a novel. It chronicles Judi’s path from separation and unconsciousness to unity and dawning awareness. From self-doubt to recognizing the perfection of one’s self—the perfection that is seen through the eyes of a divine intelligence. To be accepted, loved, recognized and joyfully celebrated exactly as we are.
Judi has studied with leading spiritual and personal growth luminaries including Marci Shimoff, Debra Poneman, Dr. Sue Morter, Janet Attwood, John Newton and Sonia Choquette. Judi weaves her knowledge and extraordinary awakening into a heartfelt and relatable message to help others find their intrinsic greatness and lasting happiness. As an author, speaker and coach, she is heeding the guidance that directs her to help others recognize their perfection. For more information, go to: JudiMiller.net