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Daniel "backpack" Roy Baron presents a wide ranging interview


Daniel Roy 'Backpack' Baron is Roy is a backpack-journalist and former executive who looked around and decided he wanted to do more to help make the world a better place.
He earned his nickname, ‘Backpack‘, when he hit the pause on his Executive career consulting Fortune 100 firms and U.S. Government Agencies in cutting edge Computer Science, Information Technology, encryption, and Cyber-Security.
Since then, he's traveled the world and spoken to the rich and famous, poor and homeless, and everyone in between. He's helped build homes and discussed national and world politics. He's interviewed fascinating people and visited incredible places.
His memoir, “Looking Glass Shattered: “ is a collection of 9 years of interviews and travel on his vision quest since April 1, 2011.
His book can be found on Amazon and he can be found on as the host host and producer of the popular Real Democracy info podcast www.RealDemocracy.info