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Dana Parker- Reclaim Y.O.U an amazing program

Reclaim Y.O.U.

In this life, it takes extreme self-awareness to avoid absorbing other people’s ideas and demands. This course was created to support clients in understanding where they give their power away. By healing from past patterns and learning how to establish new boundaries, they will reclaim personal power. Equipped with emotional education tools for real time healing and tangible application of how to live based on their personal inner guidance and intuition, they will learn to live a more fulfilled life.

This is a holistic approach to healing from ideas, expectations, and limiting beliefs placed on us as children through personal, generational, and cultural programming. It is intended for those who have found themselves looking to institutions and people to influence big life decisions. It is for those who have chosen to live according to what family, culture, or societal norms dictate, resulting in a lack of fulfillment and feelings of unhappiness.

Start date: September 1, 2021