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Andrea Moore- Certified Sleep Coach

Andrea Moore is a Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, and founder of Blissful Nights. As a mother to 3 busy young children, Andrea fully understands the toll extreme sleep deprivation can take. Since overcoming severe sleep-related postpartum depression and anxiety following the birth of her second child, Andrea has been on a mission to help sleep deprived parents improve their baby’s sleep while listening to their intuition.
Andrea’s educational and professional background prior to becoming a Gentle Sleep Coach was in psychology, mental health, and social work. Since becoming a sleep coach, Andrea has completed certificates in advanced infant mental health and breastfeeding.
The first 2 years of life are an especially critical period of development. Andrea works to build and protect attachment by encouraging parents to be loving, gentle, and responsive while working towards better sleep skills. Andrea’s goal is to establish long-term healthy sleep habits so the entire family can enjoy physical, mental, and emotional wellness.
Andrea works with families of infants and young children (up to the age of 6) and has professional and personal experience working with neurodiverse kids (including children on the autism spectrum, ADHD, sensory processing disorder, or those who are simply wonderfully spirited, strong-willed, active & alert).

To find out more about how Andrea helps children sleep, please visit www.blissfulnights.ca, join her Facebook Sleep Support Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/gentlesleepsolutionsforbabiesandchildren, or follow her on Facebook or Instagram .