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Amy Carpenter- Author of Be strong Be wise series

My name is Amy Carpenter and I am the author of two books, Be Strong, Be Wise: The Young Adult’s Guide to Sexual Assault Awareness and Personal Safety and Be Strong, Be Wise: 5 Easy Steps to Discussing Sexual Ethics with Teens. I have worked as a psychotherapist and youth advocate for more than twenty-five years, specifically in the realm of trauma treatment and assault response. When my 17-year old daughter was sexually assaulted, I realized it was time for me to use my knowledge and experience to help keep young people safe. Released nationally by Morgan James Publishing, an Ingram publisher, in 2019, my first book outlines five essential steps that help teenagers and young adults separate themselves from the “noise” of sex in the media. I also include more than 25 ways to reduce risk beyond the typical consent and bystander intervention education.

I invite to you to visit https://www.bestrongbewise.com to read testimonials about my established program, Be Strong, Be Wise, Sexual Safety Education for Young Adults and Teens, which my book is based on.